Hestia Software Solutions

Hestia Software Solutions Pvt Ltd was started in 2016 with the model to bring about digital transformation in the Construction Industry.
Hestia software in collaboration with M/s Ashoka Construcion company has enabled in assistance of on time delivery of projects through intensive collaboration and synergisation through Budgeting, Time Control & Quality Control.
Our prime focus is on the Contractor Side.
Our Modules include Material
Management, Manpower Management, Work Management and Execution, Asset
Management, Cost Budgeting and Tracking, Collaboration between all the stakeholders in the Project. Our objectives are to ensure Cost Control through Budgeting, Time Control & Quality Control. Our ERP’s modules which are primarily for Construction Projects.

Enabling Single Platform for all Project

Ease of use is the key to adoption as low learning curve enables customer confidence in successful implementation. Data Driven Solution –
Master Data for Material (6000+ products) with DSR work data for Tenders
and Govt Work Work/Activity driven real time data from site.